Enter YAWN, an electrifying four-man act from the seams of Quebec's cultural melting pot -- Montreal. We witness a peculiar blend: a native Montrealer who brings guitar riffs of punk, rock, and blues to the table (Thomas), a Vancouver-born wordsmith delivering verbal prose from the realms of hip-hop, trap, as well as R&B (Reuel), a Torontonian pop whiz equipped with catchy hooks galore (Ophir), and a Beaconsfield-based pianist who specializes in both mellow and head-banging melodies (Melvyn).  

United in a university classroom, YAWN has embarked on a mission to make songs that transcend the sum of their parts, fusing their diverse backgrounds and influences to create a memorable sound that will have you hooked from the first note. The result: a modern, independent boy band that could only happen in one of Canada's multicultural capitals.  

 Look forward to their next sonic venture -- because admittedly, they're not sure what's coming either.